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Laughlin-Sutton Construction Company is a recognized leader in utilities construction in the Carolinas and Virginia. Since 1958, we have served a multitude of public and private clients, from the mountains to the coast.

Our group of utilities specialists, along with our equipment inventory and financial stability, enable us to undertake large, complex water/wastewater treatment plants. Our moderate overhead structure allows us to be competitive on far smaller projects. We maintain strong relationships with the equipment manufacturers, suppliers and subcontractors in this field to further hone our competitive edge.

Our past utilities projects include:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Water treatment/filtration plants
  • Pumping stations (water/wastewater)
  • Tanks/foundations
  • Sludge handling facilities
  • Pretreatment facilities
  • Dam reconstruction
  • Special foundations for communications antennas and heavy equipment
  • Hazardous materials containment/handling facilities
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